Not by Chance

- Our Evening Series from Summer 2014 from the Book of Esther. 
Not by Chance (11) The greatness of the Man (download)
Nathan Howard, 20/07/2014
Not by chance (10) The celebration established (download)
Jamie Letcher, 13/07/2014
Not by chance (9) The edict that brought joy (download)
Jonathan Prime, 06/07/2014
Not by chance (8) The tables turned (download)
Jonathan Prime, 29/06/2014
Not by Chance (7) The man the King delights to honour (download)
Jonathan Prime, 22/06/2014
Not by Chance (6) The timing seems wrong (download)
Jonathan Prime, 15/06/2014
Not by Chance (5) The moment of decision (download)
Gareth Skyrme, 08/06/2014
Not by Chance (4) The enemy revealed (download)
Nathan Howard, 25/05/2014
Not by chance (3) The players put in place (download)
Jonathan Prime, 11/05/2014
Not by Chance (2) The Weakness of Human Rulers (download)
Jonathan Prime, 04/05/2014
Not by chance (1) Good-will and assurance (download)
Jonathan Prime, 27/04/2014