Womens Ministry

Due to the Cornoavirus Pandemic, many of our weekly activities have been suspended, or are continuing in a different format. Please click here for information on Womens' Ministry during COVID.


Thursdays 9:15-10:15 or 10:30-11:30am
Together is our weekly women’s Bible Study.  We meet in small groups at the church building on Thursday mornings (during term-time) as follows:
9.15-10.15am Early Group (No Crèche)
10 -10.30am Coffee in the Way In
10.30-11.30am Later Groups (Crèche available)

Women of all ages are invited to come to either the early or later group.  We all meet for coffee in the Way In between the two. A Creche is provided during the later groups (only).

Saturday Morning Women's Bible study

1st Saturday of the month - 9:45am (for 10am)
For those who can't make it to Together, we run a monthly Saturday morning women’s Bible study.  
The group normally meets at the church building on the first Saturday of each month.  Join us for Bible Study and prayer - 9:45am (for 10am). 

Women of the Word
WoWWomen of the Word is a monthly opportunity for women of all ages to:
* chew on some of the big truths the Bible teaches (and to think through how we might explain and defend them); and
* learn some practical "tools" which will help us to understand the Bible better. 

Women of the Word is taking a break this year.  But you may be interested in attending our "Teach the Bible" Course.