All-Age Services

Sermons from our All-Age Services.
All Age Service (download)
Jonathan Prime, 14/05/2017
All Age Service (download)
AM - All Age Service - Genesis 45:1-8, 50:15-26
Luke Crowter, 09/04/2017
All Age Service (download)
Genesis 37
Luke Crowter, 08/01/2017
A message for our time (Verse of the Year) (download)
Jonathan Prime, 01/01/2017
All Age Christmas Service (download)
Jonathan Prime, 25/12/2016
All Age Christmas Carol Service (download)
Luke Crowter, 18/12/2016
God's Shocking Mercy (download)
Jonathan Prime, 13/11/2016
The Amazing Image of God (download)
Luke Crowter, 11/09/2016
All Age Service (download)
Jonathan Prime, 10/07/2016
All Age Service (download)
Luke Crowter, 12/06/2016
All age Service (download)
Jonathan Prime, 08/05/2016
All Age Service - Being A Committed Christian (download)
AM - All Age Service - Being A Committed Christian - Philippians 2:19-30
Dougie Affleck, 10/04/2016
A song for sinners (download)
All age service - A song for sinners - Psalm 51
Jonathan Prime, 13/03/2016
All-Age Service: God's Choir (download)
Jonathan Prime, 10/01/2016
All Age Service: The Bread of Life (download)
Jonathan Prime, 27/12/2015
All-Age Service (download)
Jonathan Prime, 27/12/2015
All-Age Carol Service (download)
Luke Crowter, 20/12/2015
All-Age Service: The Bible is like a mirror (download)
Continuing our series of children's talks on God's word.
Jonathan Prime, 08/11/2015
Harvest All-Age Service (download)
Luke Crowter, 11/10/2015
All-Age Service: The Holy Book (download)
Jonathan Prime, 13/09/2015