Learning to Follow Jesus 

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A sermon series on the book of Matthew Chapters 8-10.

Matthew 9:14-17 (download)
Nathan Howard, 15/03/2020
I desire Mercy not Sacrifice (download)
Glen McLellan, 08/03/2020
Peter's Last Word (download)
David Burrowes, 01/03/2020
Jesus has authority to forgive sins (download)
Tim Lock, 01/03/2020
2020-02-23 am edited.mp3 (download)
A Triumphant Rescuer
Nathan Howard, 23/02/2020
2020-02-09-am edited.mp3 (download)
Tim Lock, 09/02/2020
The cost of following Jesus (download)
Nathan Howard, 02/02/2020
Following Jesus means... (download)
Following Jesus means waiting on the one who waited on us
Tim Lock, 26/01/2020
Living a life of faith in Jesus (download)
Nathan Howard, 19/01/2020
Following Jesus means... (download)
Nathan Howard, 12/01/2020