One-off sermons

- One-off sermons from our Pastors (including at baptismal services). 
Walking with Jesus (download)
Nathan Howard, 18/06/2017
Follow Our Courageous Leader (download)
Nathan Howard, 18/06/2017
Habakkuk 3 (download)
Habakkuk 3
Jonty Allcock, 04/06/2017
Tuning in to God's goal and God's game plan (download)
Nathan Howard, 21/05/2017
Watching Jesus with His mother (download)
One-off Sermons PM - Watching Jesus with His mother - John 2:1-11
Craig Dyer, 07/05/2017
Watching Jesus with His brothers (download)
One-off Sermons AM - Watching Jesus with His brothers - John 7:1-24
Craig Dyer, 07/05/2017
Easter Evening Service (download)
Luke Crowter, 16/04/2017
Good Friday Service (download)
Jonathan Prime, 14/04/2017
What Are We Doing To Serve? (download)
PM - Psalm 50
Pete Bentley-Taylor, 09/04/2017
Women's Day - Being sure in a Non-Christian World (download)
Romans 8: 31-39
Mel Lacy, 11/03/2017
Christ in you, the hope of glory (download)
Colossians 1 v 27
Peter Maclure, 19/02/2017
The line we must not cross (download)
Mark 14
Jonty Allcock, 19/02/2017
Don't give up on the Prayer Meeting! (download)
Jonathan Prime, 05/02/2017
Thanksgiving Service for Mike Ovey (download)
2 Timothy 4:1-8
Daf Merion-Jones, 23/01/2017
Learning to walk with Jesus: Disciples are Cross-Shaped (download)
Nathan Howard, 06/11/2016
Street Evangelism Training (download)
Geoffrey Hailder, 02/07/2016
Glorifying God Together 3. Obeying (download)
Jonathan Prime, 26/09/2010