Preaching Programme

Morning Service (10am)
 Evening Service (6:30pm)

25th Dec
All-Age Service
Preacher: Jonathan Prime
Preacher: Luke Crowter 

1st Jan
All-Age Service
Church Verse for the Year 2017
Isaiah 33v6
Church Verse for the Year 2017
Isaiah 33v6

8th Jan
All-Age Service Acts 9:10-19
On Active Service 1. A Courageous Disciple: Ananias

15th Jan
Luke 19:41-48
Mouth-opening Certainties 1.
Jesus divides people
Acts 4:36, 9:26-30,11:19-30
On Active Service 2. A Christ-like Encourager: Barnabas
22nd Jan
Luke 20:1-19
Mouth-opening Certainties 2.
Jesus warns His enemies
Acts 13, 15:36-41, 2 Tim 4:11
On Active Service 3. A Work in Progress: Mark

29th Jan
Luke 20:20-44
Mouth-opening Certainties 3.
Jesus is Lord
Acts 15-18
On Active Service 4. A Willing Worker: Silas
5th Feb Luke 20:45-21:4
Mouth-opening Certainties 4.
Jesus knows the truth
Acts 16:1-5 & Philippians 2:19-24
On Active Service 5. A Proved Servant: Timothy
12th Feb All-Age Service Acts various, Col 4:14, 2 Ti m 4:11
On Active Service 6. A Selfless Support: Luke 

19th Feb
Luke 21:5-38
Mouth-opening Certainties 5.
Jesus equips His servants
Acts 18, Romans 16:3
On Active Service 7. Gospel-Enablers: Priscilla and Aquilla

26th Feb
Luke 22:1-38
Mouth-opening Certainties 6.
Jesus fulfils the plan
Col 1:17 & 4:12
On Active Service 8. A Wrestling Pray-er: Epaphras

5th March
Luke 22:39-71
Mouth-opening Certainties 7.
Jesus acts uniquely
Phil 2:25ff
On Active Service 9. A Gospel Soldier: Epaphroditus

12th March
All-Age Service Philemon 1:24, Col 4:14, 2 Tim 4 & 10
On Active Service 10. A Deserting World-Lover: Demas

19th March
Church Anniversary
Preacher: Craig Dyer
Preacher: Craig Dyer

26th March
Luke 23:1-25
Mouth-opening Certainties 8.
Jesus suffers unjustly
2 Tim 1:16-18
On Active Service 11. A Refeshing Helper: Onesiphorus

2nd April
Luke 23:26-49
Mouth-opening Certainties 9.
Jesus shows mercy
Col 4:17
On Active Service 12. A Not-yet finished Worker: Archippus

9th April
All-Age Service  

16th April
Luke 23:50-24:12
Mouth-opening Certainties 10.
Jesus keeps His word

23rd April
Luke 24:13-35
Mouth-opening Certainties 11.
Jesus opens the Scriptures

30th April
Luke 24:36-53
Mouth-opening Certainties 12.
Jesus opens minds and mouths